“Light and shadow are two sides of the same coin, one cannot be without the other. True power lies in understanding how to harness both and wield them as one.”
—Vaulkhar, High Sage of Zortil Kharr

In the Thirteen Dominions of Ulgu–more commonly known as the Realm of Shadows–truth and lies merge. In this Mortal Realm the twisted landscapes are bathed in a constant ebb and flow of light and darkness, where shadows dance and take on a life of their own. Travel is a treacherous endeavor, as a thick mist shrouds the land, distorting reality and playing tricks on the mind. The shadows are ever-shifting, leading those who dare venture within its umbrous borders down paths of confusion that disorient even the mightiest of warriors.

At the periphery of the realm lies the isle of Zoktai, and it is here where the ominous Black Spire looms. From within its dark depths, an ancient and powerful secret stirs. The armies of the Grand Alliances are drawn to the Aiza Gate to compete for control of the Black Spire. As the forces of darkness and light converge in the war of the Evernight, the future of the Mortal Realms rests in the balance.

Hey everyone!

The Austin Weirdnobz are starting a 12-week escalation campaign called Evernight. Headed by our own Jeff V, this narrative campaign is set in Ulgu and is accompanied by special rules and narrative twists. There will be 4 milestones that will increase points beginning at 750, then 1000, 1500, and finally 2000 points. The expectation is that alongside making wonderful memories and friends that all players will achieve their hobby goals and end with a fully painted 2000 point army.

I wanted to bring you along for this journey, dear reader, and have tapped 4 (-ish) generals to give you insight into their own 3 pillar experiences through the campaign. The three pillars are:

  • Battles – The game we play
  • Narrative – The story we tell
  • Hobby – The love and care we pour into our models

Let’s take a look at our four different warlords:


In command of the Order contingent we have a pair of Brashers. Randy and Rowan, a father-son duo, will be leading a Dispossessed Cities of Sigmar army and a Hammers of Sigmar Stormcast Crusade force.


Leading the forces of Destruction we have Spencer Miller and his Bleakspite Backstabbaz, a Gloomspite warband hailing from Ulgu on the search for realmgates to finally get to the moon.


Raising the venerable knights of old is Jeff G with his Flesh Eater Courts. The honorable Percy Von Tiberius Quatro the IVth’s motives are yet unknown. Could it be his delusion or our own?


Lurking in the shadows and manipulating reality is Brandon, our resident Chaos leader. He’ll be bringing The Legion of Noveum, a changehost with their eyes set on the Black Spire of Ulgu.

Community Spotlight

In addition to the four warlords, each week we’ll be featuring a few warbands from across the campaign.
We hope you join us on this journey. What would you like to see?