In the shadowy underworld of Ulgu, a fierce battle raged between the Legions of Noveum and the Clans Skyre. The rats had long been a thorn in the side of the Noveum, raiding their territory and stealing their treasures.
The Noveum were fierce warriors, their skin as black as coal and their eyes glowing with an infernal Arcane majesty. They wielded weapons made of blackened steel and Magics of Chaos. The Skaven, on the other hand, were smaller and more agile. They scurried around the battlefield, their fur matted with blood, wielding crude Explosives and mutated giants.
The two sides clashed in a frenzy of violence, the demons hacking and slashing with their blades while the Skaven darted in and out, nipping at their heels.
But the demons were not invincible. Despite their strength and skill, they were being worn down by the sheer numbers of the rat people. For every rat person they struck down, two more took its place.
It seemed as though the demons were doomed to defeat, until Their commander Niphil raised his staff to the heavens and summoned up the Lord of Change He was a towering figure, His Head stretching out long toward the battlefield with his staff in his hand and his Wand of sorcery in the other.
With a bellow of rage, the demon charged into the fray. He swung his wand in great arcs, sending out arcane missiles targeting the skaven hitting them and causing them to go flying through the air. The Skaven aimed their Rattling cannons at him, but he fought on, his blows crushing their skulls and shattering their bones but it was not enough The Lord was overwhelmed by bullets and he had fallen in battle.
Slowly, the tide of the battle began to turn. The rat people, who had been so confident at the outset, began to falter. Their attacks grew more desperate, their movements more erratic.
In the end, the Noveum emerged victorious. The skaven fled back to their dark tunnels, nursing their wounds and vowing revenge.
The Skaven Commander Rikkit WarpClaw scurried into a Gnawhole and was able to make his way behind enemy lines, as the Noveum celebrated the victory he came out of the shadows and unleashed all his attacks into the Commander Niphil and was able to slay him. Skittering back into his hole before anyone could respond.

I was able to play 2 games this Sunday, One against Kruelboyz and one against Skaven. The KB felt the changing magic of the Sigil of Tzeentch and the Noveum was Victorious! The Ratlings were a little harder to fight, they were able to destroy my Lord of change that i had summoned up to help in one turn basically and he fell to the ratling cannons! At the end of that match I came out ahead on Victory point and was able to take that victory for Tzeentch as well.

The next matches i play i will have a different list of Tzaangors so i have been working on building 25 Tzaangors on foot 1 Tzaangor Shaman and some Tzaangor Skyfires. Unfortunately it was supposed to be 30 Tzaangors on foot but GW shorted me a sprue so its 25 at the moment. I’m hoping to get them primed and starting to paint them in the next day or so if work will let me do that.