Welcome to the week 1 spotlight! Please check out two neat members of our community: Oliver and Ryan!

Oliver – Skaven Cheese Squeakers

My Name is Oliver, and I’ve been playing Age of Sigmar for about 3 months, but I’m a long time tabletop enthusiast. I started wargaming around 2013 and have been playing ever since. I play Skaven and they’re my favorite faction because they’re hilarious both in game and in lore. What’s not to love about technologically brilliant man sized rats who are just as likely to blow up your own army as the opponents! 

The Cheese Squeakers are a Skaven clan who are obsessed with gaining control of the mythical Quadruple Aged Gouda. Unfortunately they’re absolutely terrible at reading maps and their newest gnawhole project has popped them out in the realm of shadows instead! The initial scouting party led by the Warlock Bombardier Jerry with his trusty stormfiend entourage Lord Scrungle, Ratboy Genius, and Sprat are accompanied by supporting units to embark into this strange and new land in search of glory and of course cheese.

During the league I’ve set a personal goal to paint at least one big model, or one unit per week. I’m also getting more immersed in the modeling and conversion aspect of the hobby, and I’ve got a few converted and kitbashed units that I’m aiming to complete and use during Evernight. Basing is another favorite of mine, I absolutely adore detailed bases. The theme for my Skaven bases revolves around the takeover of a city, which led me to try something new and give sewer bases using water effects a shot.

Ryan – Soulblight Gravelords

I’m Ryan Sharp, 32, married with 2 great children. Introduced to wargaming via 40k while in the military. Got burned out from rules bloat in 40k and took a hiatus for a couple years. I decided to get back into wargaming but went for the fantasy side, which was gone and replaced by AOS. Started that shortly before the GW Austin Open with Soulblight, and actually played my first game there at the open.

The faction I am starting for this league is Slaves to darkness. Specifically a Slaanesh leaning warband.

My first army was Soulblight which is made of a lot chaff/horde style gameplay and found myself wanting something more durable and elite. I was always drawn to slaanesh/emperor’s children aesthetic in 40k so Slaves seemed like a natural fit with the new tome releasing about the time I was looking for a new army.

My hobby goals are to actually have an army I have taken my time to paint. Most of my Soulblight army was rush painted with contrast. Hope to grow my skills as a painter and have something I am proud to place on the table.

The Pleasurebound Warband of Lord Lucius have been drawn to Ulgu upon dark whispers from the void hinting at a connection to the dark prince. Lord Lucius hopes to unravel the connection and gain favor enough to hopefully ascend himself to greater power.

Thanks for tuning in! The majority of us will be out at Lone Star GT in DFW. We’ll be streaming the 5 rounds via Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/weirdnobz be sure to check it out!