We’re back at it again with another community spotlight! This time we’ve got 3 great armies and narratives for viewing. Without further ado…

Rohit – Stormcast Eternals

Hi! My name is Rohit, and I have been painting Warhammer models since September, but I had heard of Warhammer from the Total War: Warhammer game. In January, I played a game of Age of Sigmar at Wonkos, and have since played two games of Evernight at Dragon’s Lair. I play Stormcast Eternals, and I was really drawn to their aesthetic of the golden warriors arriving on high. When I bought the starter set, I started reading a little bit of their lore, and got more invested into the process of Reforging, and have slowly been starting to read more books about them. 

I am playing a flavored Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost, which I am calling the Aethercloaks, derived from their signature blue and purple capes, emblazoned with stars and similar iconography. The Aethercloacks are loremasters, knowledge seekers, and any brave and noble soul who looked to the stars for guidance in their dark times. When they met their untimely end, they looked to the stars one last time before being drawn up by Sigmar to be reforged. This makes them have a unique perspective and something that draws them together, and leads their main colors to be Gold, Purple, Blue, Silver, and White.

My goals for the league are to paint the masses of Stormcast I have. When I first got into Warhammer, I saw some huge lots on eBay that were technically good deals for their price, but I ended up with 70+ models of SCE within my first few weeks of getting into the hobby. Especially without knowledge of how the game worked, I ended up with a bunch of battleline units, like Vindictors and Sequitors. At this point, I have over 5k points of Stormcast, but barely 2k painted. 

Dylan – Kruleboyz

Hey! My name is Dylan and I’m playing Kruleboyz in the league. I’ve been into Warhammer for a number of years but never got around to playing until now. I was originally attracted to the Kruleboyz as a side army because of how affordable they are. As well, having painted Necrons and Stormcast before, Orruks were an faction I could paint much quicker with contrast. I usually find myself getting bogged down with finishing an army and wanting to move on. But these models fit so well with a ton of colors together, which makes each unit feel unique. They’re also a faction that in the lore just loves to fight regardless of if they win or lose, and that’s an admirable trait. Sort of.

My main goal is to learn and improve my playing. I’d love to play in tournaments down the road, which has been a long term achievement I’ve wanted to go for.

The narrative for my army is that their leader, a Killaboss nicknamed Blacktoof with a fondness for sweets, was seeking another realm to plunder artifacts after the failed Waaagh! assault on Excelsius. His shaman advisor Mudfoot accidently led them to Ulgu on a journey to Hysh. So they decided to stay for a little, scrap it out, and see what everyone else wants so they can take it instead. As well building up a proper warband in general.

Stephen – Zombies

Who you are: Stephen ‘Tryhard’ Mason

What is your faction: Zombies Soulblight Gravelords

Why you’re drawn to them: It honestly started out as a meme, but it’s actually pretty fun to play as and against. Lots of dice get thrown, lots of models get removed from the table. My list is 100 Zombies + one of a collection of foot heroes (Gorslav, Vampire Lord, Necromancer) and I am only going to be adding zombies to it going forward. 

What are your hobby goals for the league: I want to slowly get to my maximum of 320 zombies, so I can politely ask Big Boss Jeff if I can play in his event (Smash and Bash 2024) with my meme list 

Narrative reason for my army being in Ulgu: Kryptal Graveclad seeks to find a new source of…subjects in the realm of shadows and gather enough force to declare himself the Mortarch of the dead.

This has not gone well so far, as you can’t turn Shadows into Zombies.

Until next time! Keep an eye on our blog and twitter as we move closer into the shadows of Ulgu.