Hey all my favorite FeCers out there got a chance to let my undead lads to let loose and spread the glory of the Quatro Dynasty.

Luckily, my little lads were purchased second hand so some of them are already painted and assembled, so as far as hobbying goes I made no real progress, for two big reasons. First I’m lazy, second I won’t be able to get anything done this weekend since I will be helping to cast Lone Star Open in Dallas alongside Joe, Matt, and Bryan. Be sure to check out the stream at twitch.tv/weirdnobz and make sure to follow us on twitter @Weirdnobz where we will be posting stream / schedule announcements and updates! Like, subscribe, ring da bell for updates. 😛

So first things first, the list for my Week was

Percy Von Tiberius Quatro IVth (Abhorrant Archregent)

Spell – https://youtu.be/-aZYUHO8xfI?t=48

Command Trait: Dark Wizardry

Artefact – The Dermal Robe

Crypt Ghouls x 10

Barry (Royal Zombie Dragon) 

Crypt Horrors 

For delusion I was rocking feast day

Dear Diary,

We first sallied out against the Scurrying Scourge that was Skaven commanded by a substance addicted vermin. The mighty army of House Quatro spread our resplendent glory by mercilessly charging into the numberless hordes of ratfolk. The noble steed Barry was the first to strike, gloriously charging in and masterfully slicing through the flea infested bodies with his razor sharp talons and massive mouth. There were some reports that Barry’s breath somehow managed to not land a single wound, I am going to make sure he has a lozenge next time so he actually manages to earn his food. 

After a few rounds of back and forth the Rat leader determined that we were unbeatable and blew himself up trying to take out our noble forces. After that it was a quick rout and we slaughtered the survivors and our troops enjoyed a nice snack.

Our second encounter of the day was against the Degenerate Despoilers of Chaos. Once again the noble steed Barry thundered his way straight into the enemy lines and met them in glorious close combat decimating a full unit of tainted knights! That turned out to be a clever ruse as the Chosen of the Chaos Gods along with their Lord charged into his sides and viciously struck down our beloved pet. Ranks were then formed and we did our best to hold the line and try and capture as many of the strategic objectives as possible. 

Bruised and Battered, we ceded the field to the Lords of Chaos to live and fight another day, soon we will avenge Barry…

Lovingly Yours,


All in all it was a super fun day and there were tons of people at Wonko’s so that is always nice to see. Even had a bit of a queue for a table at one point, it’s a bummer that I won’t be able to go this Sunday but LSO is gonna be hype!