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Week 2 – Community Spotlight

We’re back at it again with another community spotlight! This time we’ve got 3 great armies and narratives for viewing. Without further ado… Rohit – Stormcast Eternals Hi! My name is Rohit, and I have been painting Warhammer models since… Continue Reading →

Week 1 – Community Spotlight

Welcome to the week 1 spotlight! Please check out two neat members of our community: Oliver and Ryan! Oliver – Skaven Cheese Squeakers My Name is Oliver, and I’ve been playing Age of Sigmar for about 3 months, but I’m… Continue Reading →

Week 1 – Quatro Dynasty

Hey all my favorite FeCers out there got a chance to let my undead lads to let loose and spread the glory of the Quatro Dynasty. Luckily, my little lads were purchased second hand so some of them are already… Continue Reading →

Week 1 – Legions of Noveum

In the shadowy underworld of Ulgu, a fierce battle raged between the Legions of Noveum and the Clans Skyre. The rats had long been a thorn in the side of the Noveum, raiding their territory and stealing their treasures.The Noveum… Continue Reading →

Week 1 – Order – Tempest Eye & Hammers of Sigmar

Humgrek watched as the three Mhornar frigates finally finished unloading supplies and lifted off in the dense mist of Ulgu. Their Aetheric Navigators claimed this was as close as they dared travel to the ruins of Barak Gorn as their… Continue Reading →

Week 1 – Destruction – Bleakspite Backstabbaz

What a wild start! We had almost 40 players sign up and had over 25+ show up to our first narrative day! It was a great start to a wonderful campaign and shout-out to Jeff V for kicking this off…. Continue Reading →

Shadowlords – Death Introduction

Hey all, I’m Jeff and I’m doing a new series called “Fec Yeah” . It’s part of the Evernight campaign taking place over the next 12 weeks in the Austin area. I decided to work on Flesh Eater Courts as… Continue Reading →

Shadowlords – Chaos Introduction

Hey all! Representing the changer of ways, I’m Brandon. I’m still pretty new to Age of Sigmar, I started the hobby back in 2020 and then once the world shut down I wasn’t able to play or anything so I… Continue Reading →

A Tale of Four Shadowlords – Introduction

“Light and shadow are two sides of the same coin, one cannot be without the other. True power lies in understanding how to harness both and wield them as one.”—Vaulkhar, High Sage of Zortil Kharr In the Thirteen Dominions of… Continue Reading →

Battle Planning at Home

Written by Spencer M. 03.30.20 Howdy! I hope you’re staying at home, washing your hands, and taking care of things. I also bet you’re going just a little stir-crazy at the prospect of social distancing for who knows how long…. Continue Reading →

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