What a wild start! We had almost 40 players sign up and had over 25+ show up to our first narrative day! It was a great start to a wonderful campaign and shout-out to Jeff V for kicking this off. We were able to start our blog series, get some posts out on Twitter, and I hear there’s something brewing on Instagram as well!

My day on Sunday started off by frantically rushing to get copies of the Sigmar 101 pack printed ahead of making it to the game store. I rolled in just 10 minutes past open and with coffee in hand to boot. Jeff V began distributing copies while I set up shop against my friend Tim. Tim, a longtime 40k player, was humoring me with his first game of AoS. I provided him a mixed arms list of Tzeentch against my Gloomspite Gitz. Zikzag was prepared to face the twisted avian foe and we set up a random battle. My gitz were on the defensive as he launched a unit of Tzaangors, a unit of Screamers and the all-mighty Fatemaster into my front lines. His attempt to defeat my unit of stabbas failed and I was able to launch my counter-attack. A unit of Rockgut Troggoths and Squig Herd were able to tear into his hero and units, while a unit group of Loonsmasha Fanatics launched absolute hell into his army. Fortunately I was able to push back against his Chaos-filled assault, even though he was able to generate not one, not two, but THREE full Chaos Spawn and launch back into my units. It was an absolute blast and Tim enjoyed it so much he purchased a copy of the Disciples of Tzeentch rules and cards. Success, I had him hooked.

My second game against fellow warlord Randy took an unfortunate turn. High off of their win against the forces of change, the Bleakspite Backstabbaz ran head first into an armored contingent of Dispossed. Wave after wave of grots bounced off of the forces of Order and ultimately, Zikzag was defeated. Killed, he was not, but his heart was heavy as his tiny legs carried him from a place of defeat to an even darker, dankier place. I have, for better or worse, added a fourth name to the book of grudges: dwarves. They take their rightful place below the name of dum bonez, dum ratz, dum ‘umiez. There will be vengeance, in this light or the next. You’ll hopefully hear more about this game, but this time from the perspective of a propa’ Order player. 

Zikzag’s defeat is a harrowing experience…for those other than the loon shaman himself. His spite knows no bounds and his experiences will paint an unfortunate tale of learning and drilling into the next week for his grotz. He has ulterior motives, those that are influenced by the moon. Ultimately he was able to chase the moon in both games, though in actuality, the moon escaped him both times. He did not have time to “stop and smell the fungi” and did not complete ANY tasks for his own path to glory. This unfortunate turn of events will lead to nothing less than regimented drilling and beatings until his less superior grotz turn everything around. Maybe some will hop to it. Maybe some brave grots will ride the Squig-Superior into the next week? Just maybe…

Hobby Time! I was able to assemble extra netters, cause who doesn’t love those, out of both extra hobgrot models from a marshcrawla AND some sneaky spiderlings from the silver tower. In addition to those silly gitz, Zikzag has put a call out to the moon and asked for a braver moonclan soul to join him on his journey. The bowels of the warren have answered and produced Stikgat Hollowsniffa, Swatter of Misty Gitz, in a boisterous display of fungi magic. He’ll be accompanying Zikzag on his journey into the deep, dark shadows of Ulgu as he chases not only glory, but all the mushrooms that will help him secure that.

I’ve got a slightly sneaky little fun project in place for this next week, but unfortunately Zikzag will be on vacation. My time to get games will be short and sporadic as I travel to the Lonestar GT with the mean Ironjawz.

Check out these images including my list, some games, and some hobby all consolidated into one cute little gallery: