“Light and shadow are two sides of the same coin, one cannot be without the other. True power lies in understanding how to harness both and wield them as one.”
—Vaulkhar, High Sage of Zortil Kharr

In the Thirteen Dominions of Ulgu–more commonly known as the Realm of Shadows–truth and lies merge. In this Mortal Realm the twisted landscapes are bathed in a constant ebb and flow of light and darkness, where shadows dance and take on a life of their own. Travel is a treacherous endeavor, as a thick mist shrouds the land, distorting reality and playing tricks on the mind. The shadows are ever-shifting, leading those who dare venture within its umbrous borders down paths of confusion that disorient even the mightiest of warriors.

At the periphery of the realm lies the isle of Zoktai, and it is here where the ominous Black Spire looms. From within its dark depths, an ancient and powerful secret stirs. The armies of the Grand Alliances are drawn to the Aiza Gate to compete for control of the Black Spire. As the forces of darkness and light converge in the war of the Evernight, the future of the Mortal Realms rests in the balance.


This is a local escalation league for players in the Austin, TX area.

  • Escalation league starting at 750 points
  • Begins February 12th at Wonkos and runs for 12 weeks
  • Participate at your own pace
  • Play anywhere or at Wonkos Thursdays and/or Sundays
  • Monthly challenges, prizes, and hobby nights
  • A few more twists and turns to be unveiled along the way
  • Gaming aids and swag included!
  • Beginners welcome. This is what the league was designed for!
  • $25 Entry Fee

Discord Server

The Evernight escalation league is being ran through our Discord server. Join our Discord server and check out the Evernight group. Questions on anything, feel free to ask.

Milestone 1: To War!

The forces of the four Grand Alliances converge in the shadow-filled realm of Ulgu. Our 750 point milestone begins with armies clashing at the Azia gate heralding the beginning of the Evernight war.

What’s a Milestone?

Milestones are 3 week increments which include a set points total, hobby night, and a short narrative. During the first milestone we’re playing out of Battlepack: Sigmar 101. Everything is included for list building, battleplans, etc. Milestone 1 is focused on getting to know each other, building and painting models, and learning Age of Sigmar. For our veteran players I encourage you to find a new player and walk them through a game using the battlepack. Make sure to play hobby bingo (see me for your sheet) and post pictures of your progress in the hobby bingo channel on Discord so you can win prizes.