Representing the God-King Sigmar, Grungi, and the Grand Alliance Order we are Rowan and Randy Brasher. 

Rowan is playing Arlardon Sterncaller leading a detachment of Hammers of Sigmar Sacrosanct and Randy pilots Hrumgrek of the Secretive Ale Hall at the head of the band of Dawnbringer Crusaders from Tempest Eye. 

Rowan is new to the game and considering the mountain of unbuilt and unpainted Stormcast Eternal models we have it made a lot of sense to limit his rules to his warscrolls which Stormcast do very well. Plus all of our Stormcast are gingers, just like us. He is looking forward to learning the game and spending time with his dad. 

Randy loves dwarfs, and having picked up a large army of Dispossessed several months ago has decided to bring them out to grumble about all things non-traditional, but especially elves. He is most looking forward to playing with his son and finally getting those damn dwarfs painted. 

The two armies are veterans of the Siege of Excelsis in Ghur and saw firsthand the vile weapons employed by the Kruelboyz. Hrumgrek took part in the interrogation of captured hobgrots and learned that the Kruelboyz weapons had been provided to them by a beardless duardian wielding strange technology that was branded with the icon of a bull. Receiving permission from his commanders Hrumgrek is following the clues taken from the captives that point to Ulgu and is taking his army and a detachment of Stormcast Eternals with him. Thus the Dawnbringer Crusades have advanced into Ulgu where they seek the traitorous oathbreakers. 

The Crusade is being led by Humgrek of the Secretive Ale Hall, hailing from the city of Tempest Eye in Aqshy he was sent to the Ghur to serve in the crusades for refusing to reveal the location of his Ale House which greatly offended the Council of Warden Kings. Since being banished he has taken to the role of commander with great gusto, especially after meeting the odd white bearded duardian that calls himself the Forgefather. He wants nothing more than to hunt down the oathbreakers in the name of Grungi and return to his Ale House. 

Recently promoted from the Evocator ranks of the Sacrosanct Chamber of the Hammers of Sigmar, Arlardon Sterncaller is one of the rare young souls serving in Sigmar’s armies. This has served him well in his tours with the Dawnbringer Crusades as he vividly remembers fighting in Aqshy and Ghur as a mortal against many of the same foes that his chamber fights today. Having survived three campaigns without being reforged he was recommended for promotion and given his Void Scroll. He leads his former companions as a newly minted Knight-Incantor. He wants to continue to serve, but memories of his violent death as a mortal at the hands of greenskins still haunt him and he will do anything to avoid being reforged.