Hey all, I’m Jeff and I’m doing a new series called “Fec Yeah” . It’s part of the Evernight campaign taking place over the next 12 weeks in the Austin area. I decided to work on Flesh Eater Courts as it is an army I’ve always enjoyed the lore of and the models look pretty dope as well.

It’s going to be interesting to see how a low power curve army (at this point their most recent book is old enough to drink) goes against some of the most recent GW releases. A little about me is that I am Jeff G, not Jeff V and I have been playing tabletop wargames since 2003 or so, starting with my old school Imperial Guard. I’ve played quite a few games in my days. My big jam was Warmachine MK II and then MK III happened and well we all know how that ended up working out…but hey MK IV looks promising.

I also enjoy skirmish games such as Conquest First Blood, Arena Rex. and Marvel Crisis Protocol. Cannot wait to see how the new Star Wars Skirmish Game turns out. Also Atomic Mass, please use the MCP system for a Dragonball Z Mini game, I would love you. 

I’m still working on the more narrative fluffy stuff as to why my army is where they are and what not but my general being the most delusional of FEC wit is named Percy Von Tiberius Quatro the IVth. 

As a more casual and laid back wargamer I am really looking forward to seeing all the crazy and interesting lists and army concepts that the various participants are gonna come up with. While sweaty competitive hammer is fun, it is really gonna be nice to see something other than Slaves to Darkness on the tables. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love Chaos, but I’m just saying I played them before they were cool….

Anyways I’m looking forward to getting my lads stuck in and spreading the glory of the Quatro Dynasty to Ulgu.

Lastly. Games Workshop, bring back my Chaos Dwarves, buff Lumineth, and please for the love of Slaanesh: nerf Seraphon.