Hey all! Representing the changer of ways, I’m Brandon. I’m still pretty new to Age of Sigmar, I started the hobby back in 2020 and then once the world shut down I wasn’t able to play or anything so I stopped playing and painting. And then after my mom passed away in 2022 I needed something to get me out of the house and conversing with people again so I joined the community again and it’s been the best decision I could have made! The community has been so welcoming and willing to answer any and all questions I have had no matter what it is. The thing I look forward to each week is going up to Wonkos even if I’m not playing a game but just hanging out and watching games and learning everything I can.

I made the decision to follow the Disciples of Tzeentch this time. The Chaos and whim that Tzeentch really interested me and the ability to cast so many spells while gaining points to summon up other units to the fray sounds so amazing to me. I am running the Guild of Summoners to gain fate points and be able to drop Lords of Change if it all goes according to plan. IF being the keyword there. I have my army being led by Niphil the Changeling and backed up by a Magister on his Disc and three battalions of Kairic Acolytes and the Burning Sigil of Tzeentch to attempt to get some Chaos spawn into the battle! The idea is that every unit can cast spells to trigger fate point gain and then be able to summon up Lord of Change and hopefully be able to keep my Destiny Dice up and usable!

The legion was formed by Kairos Fateweaver Who had seen their success with his future sight. He gave the command to Niphil the Changeling to build the Noveum and start the trek into Ulgu, their goal to take the Black Spire and the knowledge that could potentially let Tzeentch finally figure out the Well of Eternity. Once the order was given no time was wasted and many plans were laid out to make sure they would be successful in the name of Tzeentch. The first group to make it is just a scouting party and more will join as the battle rages on, eventually even Kairos himself will join the fray to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs.

I’m pretty excited for this event, I’m still learning how to play actual AoS. I also play Sons of Behemat but that’s just bigguns running at enemies and not very strategic. I’m most looking forward to seeing everyone playing what they want to play rather than what works in the meta or what’s going to win them games. Its exciting to see people be excited about new{ish} armies and getting a chance to just play things they think are fun. I feel like that makes it a much more fun event. If people are having fun playing then that’s the most important thing.