The info packet for the Paint Masters competition is unveiled!

By Jeffrey “V” Visgaitis

I hope everyone is staying safe. With things potentially starting to get back to normal here in Texas, we are moving ahead with our plans for WarGames Con and the rebranded Age of Sigmar Tournament: Smash & Bash GT.

There will be more on the GT in a future post, but for now I wanted to focus on hobby (since we all have extra time on our hands) and discuss the Paint Masters competition.

What is Paint Masters?

Paint Masters is a miniatures painting competition that had its inaugural event at the Texas Masters invitational this past January. So much is given to competitive play within the Texas Masters circuit that it was decided there should be more of a focus placed on the hobby. Thus Paint Masters was born. We’re really excited to add a Paint Masters event to Wargames Con XII this year.

Do I have to be a professional painter to enter?

Definitely not. While this may be a competition, it’s also a celebration of our favorite hobby. We encourage everyone to show off their favorite miniatures, styles, and techniques

We’ve also added a new category that is tailored to the novice painter: Aspirant. Only painters who haven’t placed in the previous Paint Masters event or haven’t won a top 3 best army award in any Texas Masters sponsored GT are eligible to enter.

Sounds great! How can I learn more?

You can download the PDF packet by clicking on the button below.