Wonko’s Toys is hosting a Forge Your Champion contest using the Anvil of Apotheosis rules from the General’s Handbook 2020.

With everyone stuck at home we’re hoping to see a burst of creativity with cool kit bashes, Warscrolls, and lore for your chosen champions.


May include a Minor Beast bestial companion.

Must include a Mounted Beast bestial companion.

Must include a Gargantuan Beast bestial companion.


  • The contest is free to enter.
  • You may enter one Hero into each category.
  • All entries must be fully painted and based.
  • The base of each conversion must be made from a Games Workshop kit. Extra bits, weapons, and animal companions can be from other model ranges or 3D printed. If you purchase an Age of Sigmar kit at Wonkos, there will be free bitz available to use.
  • A written Warscroll using the Anvil of Apotheosis rules from the General’s Handbook 2020 is required.
  • A short Lore piece (at least 100 words) describing your character or his history is also required.
  • Participants will have until August 31st to submit their entries. Models will be displayed at the store in one of our glass cases. If you do not want to leave your models in store, photos of your entry can be submitted to: aosherocontest@wonkos.com
  • Winners will be determined by community vote. Voting will be open for 2 weeks. If you don’t want to come into the store, there were be a gallery available online where you can cast your vote.
  • Winners will receive a gift card for Wonko’s Toys and Games. The amount won is determined by the category. Hero: $20, Mounted Hero: $30, and Gargantuan Hero: $50
  • Interested? Great! Reach out to Wonko’s Toys and Games via Facebook or contact Matt Prinzivalli on Discord to be added to the list of participants.