Hey all, just another crazy git named Spencer here. I’ve been playing tabletop wargames off and on for about 20 years. My dad got me into the hobby when I was a youngin and spurred my love for painting and playing.

I’ve chosen Gloomspite Gitz for this venture into the Evernight. I’ve been collecting goblins since the Battle for Skull Pass came out…too many years ago. There’s always been such a strange allure of a mass amount of tiny, mushroom-crazed, moon-worshipping lunatics. I can’t say that I relate, but I can’t say I don’t either. I have a pretty sizable spider collection and decided to use this escalation league as an excuse to expand further into the other 3 pillars of a Gloomspite army. 

My goblin clan are the Bleakspite Backstabbaz and are led by Zikzag Crookriddla, Wrangler of Those Sneaky Gitz. They are on the search for the true moon. Within the realm of Ulgu the Bleakspite Backstabbaz don’t believe the Bad Moon that appears is the true Bad Moon. They live off of the illumination provided by dusky mushroom caps scattered throughout the lands. They have heard tales of realmgates spotting the land and are on their search for one to get to the true realm of Moons. 

Zikzag has found rumors of a location for the realmgate to the realm of Moons in The Shrouded Changelord’s Psilocybook.. He believes his ability to lead the clan will be rewarded by the moon and he will ascend to king status (just don’t tell Skragrott). I’m excited by the opportunity to tell this story of chasing the moon and have a few ideas of how to represent that on the battlefield. There’s a new grand strategy appropriately named “Chasing the Moon” which requires your general to be under the light for 3 battle rounds. I plan on putting this going the “incorrect” way on the map and really force the little bugger to run for the moon. In addition, I’ll be keeping track of mushrooms found across the lands as provided in the Path to Glory section of the book. We won’t be using the normal PTG rules for the league, but I can do them for the narrative 😉. There’s a good chance that he will try to “level up” and I’ll replace his model with upgraded versions. Maybe he finds a nice squig or spider to ride?

Overall I’m looking forward to a really thematic and fun ride while growing my list from a paltry 750pt to a massive 2000pt army. I really hope the grots can keep up with Zikzag’s grand plans for the moon.

Has the bad moon spoken to you? He spoke to me once…

Special thanks to Realm of Plastic for the kickass name generators: https://www.realmofplastic.com/character-name-generators