Founded 2017 in an effort to consolidate the weirdness that is Austin, then reorganized and re-branded in 2019, Weirdnobz has become the premier Age of Sigmar club in central Texas. As part of the AoS Grand Alliance: Texas Masters, Weirdnobz hosts their own recognized Grand Tournament at WargamesCon every year. Held in July and re-branded in 2020 as Smash & Bash GT, Austin boasts the largest AoS Grand Tournament in the great state of Texas.

Similar to their Orruk brothers from whom their name derives, the Weirdnobz have one goal in gaming: smash models together while having a great time. You don’t have to play Orruks to be a nob though; just channel your gaming energies into creating a welcoming community focused on giving everyone a great gaming experience.

More than simply a gaming community, though, the Weirdnobz truly are a family. With genuine Austinite inclusivity, a willingness to assist all newcomers and veterans alike, and a driving passion for showing every other league in Texas who the real Masters are, the Weirdnobz are wholly dedicated to keeping AoStin weird.

You can find members of Weirdnobz all over the Austin area, supporting their local game shops through gaming events, hobby nights, and even the occasional BeerHammer. If you want to get involved or even shyly inquire, feel free to join the community on their Discord server, pop in to an event, or check us out on Facebook.

Official Weirdnobz Mission Statement

While pushing and painting models are the cornerstones of all Warhammer and Age of Sigmar games, Weirdnobz emphasizes the importance of hobby and community above all else. Sharing information, creating a welcoming and diverse community, supporting local gaming and game stores, and thoroughly enjoying every aspect of the AoS hobby are the foundations of being a Weirdnob.

Official Weirdnobz Code of Conduct

All Weirdnobz members are held to the highest of gaming standards.
-Good sportsmanship
-Supportive hobbying
-Never defame players, companies, or local stores.
-Support local stores and Keep Austin Weird
-Be good to each other